Friday, December 31, 2010

Obligatory Year-End Post..

I made this list of things I did in 2010 that I've never done before.  I posted it over on my other blog, but I thought I'd share it here as well (so what if it's not all running-related...)  I like that I have this many things I did this year that were completely brand-new:

  • trained for and ran a full marathon
  • went to a music festival for 3 days (Pitchfork Music Fest in Chicago--it was awesome)
  • overcame my paralyzing fear of water and learned to swim, with semi-good form
  • went to arizona (sedona, prescott, phoenix)
  • ran my first destination race (in Arizona)
  • successfully navigated NYC public transit, and by myself
  • joined a running group
  • had a paid summer off teaching (it was a fellowship, so I still had to do writing)
  • briefly wooed a hot cyclist (and it was as fabulous as it sounds)
  • wrote 28 pages in 24 hours
  • touched a famous french man (well, his legs.  at a concert.  ha.)
  • co-op gardened (and failed, except for some tomatoes)
  • went on my first ever completely blind date (friend set us up)
  • watched The Office
  • went to Virginia Beach
  • applied for my first "real" jobs that will require my PhD
  • participated in a hot pepper eating contest in a public venue (was totally owned by a guy wearing a jester hat)
  • started a training/running blog
  • got/ran in vibram fivefingers
  • weighed in at approximately my high school weight 
  • rode my bike in downtown Chicago traffic (against my will)
  • got my first ever speeding ticket (for going 31 mph, seriously)
  • went to court and got out of my first ever speeding ticket
  • went to Ladies 80s, thus finally participating in a popular Columbus cultural phenomenon
  • spent substantial chunks of time alone with my brother
  • ran 20 miles with no company or friend-support
  • saw a chiropractor
  • had a flight of bourbon with a cool new person I met in Louisville
  • decided to finally own the fact that I simply hate sauteed fajita veggies
Things I HOPE I will do for the first time in 2011:
  • call myself Dr!  (*please can I graduate yet? omg....must write faster*)
  • visit Los Angeles (this is happening for sure, in just over a week)
  • run my second and third marathons (one spring, one fall)
  • beat my existing marathon time
  • establish some new kind of job situation--if not a permanent one, at least something I can tolerate for another year
  • see the Rocky Mountains; do some other random traveling
  • if I secure a better income, take up some kind of cool outdoorsy sport (rock climbing? kayaking?)
  • be able to make a list of "brand new" things that is longer than the list I made for 2010
New Year's resolutions:
  • going to stick with my speed training, even if that means only doing one set of intervals/wk rather than two, and maybe a tempo run or something (something has to be better than nothing...)
  • trying to consistently write 4pg/day of single-spaced garbage--even if it's garbage, at least it's down on the page
  • doing a better job of sticking with the whole foods supplements the chiro has me taking, and also juicing greens more regularly again (daily if possible)

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  1. This perfectly captures why I love reading your blog -- great list, in both breadth and depth! I especially love the speeding ticket story, the failed co-op gardening attempt, and of course the summer off teaching. I *almost* successfully navigated the subway in NYC when I was there, but got screwed at Bleeker St. Don't ever try and change there.

    I would also like this to be the year that I get to call myself Dr. Writing 4pg/day of *anything* is a good place to start.

    Happy new year, and I look forward to reading about this season's marathon training!

    ps -- other blog?