Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Kickin' off a new training plan...

I'm just going to get this complaining out of my system, because then it's time for me to man up:

  • Cleveland marathon made running NOT fun any more.  I've been incredibly lazy the last month and a half with no desire to run at all, really.  The heat isn't helping.  But I'm going to be really pissed at myself if I give up over just one bad race experience.
  • It's hot.
  • I'm constantly under pressure to meet writing deadlines now, and it's making me really stressed.  And also the kind of depressed that leads to me sitting around on the couch sulking more than I'd like.
  • I need a job and I'm stressed about money, which sucks.  I'll be ok for awhile, but not too long of a while.
  • I have to move out of my apartment in about a month and a few days.  I have so much crap around that I need to pack.
So the last 3 of those bullets are things that could be at least somewhat helped and eased if I was on a regular running schedule again.  It's a time-proven reality that running helps me manage stress.  And I haven't been to a group run in a million years... even though I miss everyone and want to go I've been feeling like I'm too out of shape to keep up and I just haven't made it happen.  For awhile the structure of having a couple weekly group runs was kind of helping, too.

So I'm designing a training program and going to do the Columbus Marathon again in October.  There's not as many weeks left to train as I'd like, but I'm hoping I can just reset my mind and refocus and get my training off the ground quickly.  I haven't COMPLETELY stopped running, but I've been doing like... little 3-milers wearing Vibram fivefingers.  I guess it's slightly better than if I had just totally stopped, but we'll see.  I know a ton of people running this race--some coming in from out of town and doing it as their first race or marathon--and I want to be a part of that.  Not to mention all of the people I know in Columbus who are going to run it.  So, it should be a good time.

I'm going back to a Hal Higdon plan with a few minor modifications and replacing 1 run per week with a Daniels-style speed workout.  I'll be working out the details in the next couple weeks.

To end a post that starts with complaining on a more positive note, here are some things that are awesome:
  • I've been cooking a lot again!  Not having money is making me have to be more resourceful and I have to eat at home a lot more...but I've been cooking some good stuff.  More recipe posts will surely be happening ;)
  • The Tour de France is on! YAY!  i love watching pro cycling so, so much.  It's making every day more fun.


  1. I'm glad to hear you're ready to get yourself going again. You had a pretty severe case of post-marathon depression, which I'm sure was aggravated by all the other stresses in your life. You are so right that running will help you deal with them. Ironic isn't it? The things that make us feel like not running are the reasons we need to run.

    Good luck with your job hunting and moving. You know you have a lot of people out here rooting for you.

  2. Cooking more is good. I always know I'm in a bit of a funk when I'm living of veggies, houmous and peanut butter. So putting some effort in in the kitchen is a good sign!

    I wrote a pretty long reply to your comment yesterday about the PhD stuff. I know that awful negative cycle of writing pressure /not being able to write / even more writing pressure / sitting on the couch panicking... Ack. I get myself through the worst of it by promising myself half an hour at a time / just a couple of paragraphs, etc. It *is* better than nothing, and it helps build up something like momentum?

    It sounds like you could have fun at the Columbus marathon. Are you going to keep the training plan pretty simple? I think last time you got kinda bogged down and worn out with all the complexities of speedwork and tempo stuff?

    My sympathies on moving house. I HATE that shit.