Tuesday, August 2, 2011

My goal run

So, if I decide to man up and do the full Columbus marathon, this is going to be my last training run:
I'm going to run to Lake Michigan from my town!  And then jump in the water!  This "walk route" from Google maps says it's 23.9 miles, but I think I could tweak the route a little to make it more direct (I mapped to the one public beach I know of at St. Joseph, MI).  Here's a more zoomed-out map if you don't know the geography:
Seriously, how cool will that be? People will be all "Oh, what'd you do this weekend?" and I'll be all "Oh.. nothing much... just RAN TO FREAKING LAKE MICHIGAN FROM HERE."  :D

1 comment:

  1. Oh my effing hell -- this is awesome! Running to lake michigan sounds like a VERY cool thing to do to me, let alone jumping in it at the end. How will you get home though?

    Excellent news on the job/man alignment too. I can see that it would cause you all sorts of angst -- we're of that generation that says to include a man in one's reasoning is to betray one's independence in some way! Ok, that's flippant. But you get what I mean (I hope..). Really though the job market is so tough post PhD anyway, and even more so in this climate, that I think you'd have been crazy not to take that position, boy or no boy. I guess it's good for (both) your peace of mind(s) though to know that this is something you want for yourself, as well as the relationship.

    Ok, I'll take my pop counsellor hat off now! Good luck with the run :)