Sunday, August 29, 2010

So here's a crazy idea..

It's kind of funny how quickly I revolt against and then embrace the idea of new feats of athleticism.

Last year when someone was like, "Oh, you've done halfs... now you should do a full!" immediately I was all, "Hell no... I could never do that... and I wouldn't want to."  But the seed was planted, and after awhile I was all about doing a full, and well, here I am.

Today someone was talking about doing an Ironman before he's 40.  Initially I was thinking "Hell no!  I could never train that much, I don't have it in me... I could never do that."  But again... I think the seed has been planted.  Because I've been thinking about it all day.  Maybe I need an outlandish goal for my upcoming decade.    The more I realize what I can do training-wise, the more I want to push that boundary.

We'll see how this marathon goes, obviously.  I think I could eventually get comfortable enough with biking to train on a bike, and I think I could hire someone to give me swim lessons so I can keep improving--you know, after I have a better job and can afford such things.  And I can keep working on running faster in the meantime.  It would certainly be the challenge to end all challenges.  I'm definitely not talking about the near future, but more long-term, like in the next 7-10 years.

I can't believe I've been thinking about this, really.  It's probably ridiculous.  But I'm also intrigued.

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  1. I think it's awesome, and I would be so excited to know an ironwoman! But I think you should also consider the Man vs Horse marathon (, which I learned about when I reading up on barefoot running and how we were evolutionarily designed to run.