Monday, February 28, 2011

The critical nature of wardrobe selection

I forgot something awesome about my run today.

I was wearing my full marathon shirt and these two really legit-looking runners were approaching from the opposite direction.  One of them was wearing the same marathon shirt.  As we were about to pass each other he smiled really big and pointed at his shirt and then did the bro-fist chest pound followed by signalling "#1" with his hand.  I gave him a thumbs up.

This shirt gives me so much street cred it's ridiculous.  I swear I want to never take it off.  Legit-looking runners never notice I exist or say hi the rest of the time, but as soon as I'm wearing a marathon shirt it's like I'm One Of Them.  And if they're passing in the opposite direction they also don't notice that I'm not very fast.  Win-win situation.  Heh.

Also, yes, you read correctly... it IS 3am and I AM still awake.  ;o)


  1. I saw your profile on the cbus pacers hub and noticed that you have a blog so I had to read... I love it! I'm in a process of starting a blog myself... thank goodness for blogs... although they do keep me from getting things done.... I run at the Westerville location... I'm from downtown area so I really struggle getting up to the suburbs...

    anyway... just thought I'd say hi and that the full marathon shirt always gets good stares :)

  2. This popped up at 8 here, while I was eating breakfast, and I wanted to write and say GO TO BED! But then I thought that might be a bit overbearing of me ;)

    And you know it's not the shirt that makes you a legit runner. It's the fact that you ran the marathon that earned you it. That and the fact that you're out training come rain, snow, or ice. Take it off and you'll still be totally, legitimately badass.