Monday, March 21, 2011

17 miler = finished!

So I posted this over on ol' Facebook, but well, y'know:
Finished my 17 miler!  K. met me at 530am, and we did 13 miles before we met the main group run at the store to finish the last 4.  So by 9am I had 17 miles finished, which is really awesome.  I don't know what my pace was (I didn't upload garmin data yet), but I felt pretty good--definitely a LOT better than I did on training runs of this length last training cycle.

Pretty much any run over 15 feels like a really long run to me, and I still get a little silly-giddy over doing them.  I took this photo while I was sitting on the floor at CRC; then I took off my shoes, ate a protein bar, had some coffee and hung out for about an hour, and went back home.  Considering i'd only slept 2 hours the night before this run (I know, right?)  I felt pretty decent.  Sam came over and made me pancakes, which was awesome of him.  Then Saturday night I slept um, until Sunday at 3 in the afternoon (eesh).  I guess I was a little behind on sleep!

So, check out this beast of a training run that's scheduled for this week (tomorrow, more specifically):
2 miles Easy pace
4x (5-6 min Tempo pace with 1 min rests)
1 hour Easy pace
15-20 min Tempo pace
2 miles Easy pace
.... yeah, this is going to suck.  Like I said before, it really seems like the Tuesday day of this Daniels plan is just there to make you get used to running while tired.  Last week doing an hour at easy pace after the tempo intervals was freaking exhausting... and this week I have to do more tempo pace after that, even.  Eesh.  And I'm hoping that rain holds off so it isn't even more miserable.

Further, I'm estimating that this is going to be about a 13-14 mile run, mid-week.

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  1. OMG -- that after 17 miles on Saturday!? Ack. Still, I guess this is how the longer distances start feeling easier, right?

    And 17M *before* 9am!? You are turning into a crazy ass marathoner girl