Friday, March 4, 2011

Injury season already? +an early start tomorrow...

Last night's group run was plagued with injuries.  At least one person didn't make it out because of an achilles tendon thing.  The rest of us were a broken bunch... sore hips, swelling ankles, a calf problem, etc.  I guess even though it's only the start of March it's already high-mileage training for a lot of people... that and maybe all of the ice-running beat us up.  My mileage won't peak for awhile yet, but the people I've been running with are doing crazy ultramarathons and early-season marathons and things.

I'm having an insanely early morning tomorrow.  While I usually go to the group run that starts at 8am, a couple of people are meeting at 530am to get a jump on their longer runs.  They are doing 20 and 17 miles respectively and I'm trying to get in 15.  The plan is to do as many miles as we can before the 8am group thing, and then swing by at 8 to pick up the main group and do whatever miles remain for us.  Also, it looks like it's possible there will be a freakin' torrential downpour all morning.  I just finished packing my bag with a spare change of clothes for the drive home, my last 2 clif shots, a protein shake for the ride back, and bandaids and neosporin in case the rain causes blisters :\  Here's hoping my hip feels awesome.  I'm about to foam roll it out again.

I can tell it's going to be one of those nights where I'm thinking so much about the early morning that I won't be able to sleep.  The early start just makes a lot of sense for me though... it's been increasingly hard to keep going when I start with the group at 8 and the majority of people are doing shorter distances... I see all of these people turning back when I still have miles to go and I just want to turn back and have it be over.  It's like the whole run becomes me focusing on how everyone's already back having coffee and I'm out there running for 1000 years.  So this way I'll have the hard part over and just a few miles to do with the 8:00 folks.  We'll see how it goes.

Update tomorrow after the run!  Maybe photos for a change.  This blog is severely lacking in photos lately.

Earlier today I posted some stuff under my "What I Eat" tab.  I need to revise it and organize it a bit, and there's still more I want to add...but it's a start!


  1. So I cruised on over to your "What I Eat" tab and noticed that you are experimenting with Chia Seeds.

    I wanted to share with you my favorite, and super easy, way to eat them.

    I make a "tapioca" pudding.
    -Raw nut milk, or any type of Vegan milk.
    -Dates, I soak these in the nut milk and then blend them. This is the sweetener.
    -Frozen, or fresh, fruit, I prefer Cherries.
    -Chia seeds.

    I only blend the dates and milk, the rest gets mixed in and then I let it sit to the seeds can puff up.

  2. I hope you all held together for that run! I think you're right -- training for a spring marathon on icy streets can be really tough on the body.

    I'm off to stalk your diet now.. ;)

  3. My feet explode!?

    Great page. Good reminder as well that there's such a thing as ODing on certain nutrients and macros.