Friday, April 1, 2011

For my Columbus vegans out there...

I want to say a special thanks to the folks over at for featuring my blog on their homepage!  Because of this (and because, well, I may as well share the vegan Columbus love) I just added a special tab to my blog geared specifically for Columbus-dwelling vegans that details my favorite places and things to eat around our city.  I will also eventually add some more details specifically for Columbus runners to that same page.

My hope when I started this blog was for it to become a resource:  a resource for vegans who want to be athletes, a resource for vegans in general, a resource for first-time marathoners and new runners, etc.  And now I'm also hoping it can be a resource specifically for Columbus vegans and runners as well.

And incidentally if you are a Columbus vegan you should leave me a comment and say hi sometime... I know so few vegans around here!  And I know you must be out there.... :o)

1 comment:

  1. You're famous!

    Thanks for the comment on coffee too. I feel like someone writing up has a special understanding of what it's like to be so reliant on it. I had been giving myself a free pass with this -- it was the only bad thing I was doing really -- but it had just started to rage out of control. This really hit home with me about what you wrote:

    "I feel like it's probably among the worst, most consistently bad things I do to myself. The ups and downs mess with my sleep and moods, it makes me dehydrated, and I know it must be destroying my adrenal glands."

    I was just all over the place, and needed to get myself back under control. Like you though, I really associate it with social things -- and happy buzzes. That's why the compromise -- still one cup in the morning, and then I'll see how I get on with decaf for the rest of the time.

    We'll see though... Ha!

    ps -- hope the writing is going ok :-)