Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Spring is heeere!

The upcoming month is looking kind of awesome.  Things I have going on:

  • May 7:  I'm a race volunteer for Cap City Half Marathon which apparently has 14,000 runners this year (insane!)  So I'll be out there at a water stop, not sure which one yet... I'll find out on the morning of the race.
  • May 14-15:  Cleveland Marathon expo on the 14th, race on the 15th!  One of the runners from my group who's been training with me is going to do the half, so I'll have someone along with me for the drive and also for the first 13 miles.  This is awesome.
  • May 22:  I discovered that Columbus has a chapter of Girls on the Run, a program for pre-teen girls to encourage self-esteem and healthy living.  The girls go to workshops and train to run a 5k, and that 5k is on May 22.  And I volunteered to be a running buddy--which means I'll get to do this 5k while coaching along and encouraging a young girl who's doing her first 5k.  I'm so freaking excited about this it's unbelievable.  Maybe this girl will get to discover running while she's young and it'll stick with her, and make her life awesome. So May 20-21 I might do a session of packet pickup, and then the 22nd is this 5k.  (5k only 7 days after a marathon...we shall see..)  Seriously though I feel so lucky to have found this organization.
  • June 4:  I have tentative plans to run the Sunburst Half in South Bend, IN.  I'll be in town that weekend visiting family and etc, so I may as well.  I haven't signed up yet because I wanted to do the marathon and make sure I'm still in one piece, but I have my fingers crossed.
Somewhere in here I also need to keep getting work done and I have the tentative goal of finishing a whole polished chapter of writing by marathon weekend, so I can relax and enjoy.  Send some positive writing vibes my way!

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  1. Ooh, positive writing vibes coming your way! You have some great plans for May though, and I really think that helps with thesis malaise. Also, I hadn't realised your marathon was so close! I'm really looking forward to seeing how you do.