Monday, April 9, 2012

The thing about p90x is that it's back to back to back soreness.  Like, there's only supposed to be one rest day per week, and after every workout you get sore.  So basically I'm never NOT sore these days.

This is Day 15... next week is a "rest week," but that just means I get to do yoga twice, core synergistics (sounds scary... I'm sure it is..), and legs and back.  Considering I did yoga last night and feel like I've been punched all over today as a result, I'm not sure how rest-y this so-called "rest week" will be!

I'm not seeing any results yet on the scale (actually I gained 2 lbs...grrr).  But people on the p90x forums say that sometimes you gain a little weight in the first 30 days while you build muscle, and then weight starts to come off.  I'm trying to remain optimistic.  My arms look a little stronger than before, but it's really subtle... no one would notice but me.

The main thing is... yay look at me, I'm sticking with something!  I haven't had much workout tenacity in awhile...15 days is a pretty good success streak.

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