Wednesday, August 8, 2012

More changes!

Great news, everyone-- I've gotten a job in Chicago and I'm relocating there within the next two weeks!  I'm super-excited... Chicago has an active vegan community, lots of running groups, and some other things I'm interested in (I might start doing yoga classes!)  And I'll be learning to brave city traffic on bike.

This year in Michigan was very lonely and isolating and stressful so I'm really looking forward to being in a city again.  I got an apartment in a cool neighborhood where I can walk here and there easily, and I'm 2.5 miles from the lakeshore bike trail where I could run along Lake Michigan.  I'll be on a tighter budget, but that just means I'll be doing more cooking and less depressed-eating-packaged-crap-food that I probably shouldn't be eating anyhow.  I'll also be living only a mile from my brother and we've never lived in the same city as adults, so I'm looking forward to that too.

I know I've said this before, but I really want to start blogging more again... for the short-term, I might be posting more recipes.  I thought about starting a new recipe blog, but I like this blog... so I may as well just keep hanging out here.


  1. Hi, I'm a vegan from Chicago who actually just moved to Columbus to live near my sister. I've been a casual runner off and on for awhile now. Which groups in Columbus would you recommend for a girl around your age? I'd like to make friends as well as motivate myself to increase speed and endurance! I can run a 10-minute miler but usually don't do more than 3-4 miles.

  2. Hi there! I hope my reply isn't too late to help you--I was traveling without a laptop/internet access. You should definitely check out the group I used to belong to called the Cbus Pacers. It's free to run with them, and the people are all incredibly supportive and awesome... I made some great friends that way and had a lot of fun. Their weekend runs are based out of Columbus Running Company stores in Dublin and Westerville (I think? I always went to the Dublin location). And I and one other person started the "Turtle Thursdays" social run that happens at Whetstone Park in Clintonville on Thursday evenings. We would do 3-5 miles, and most runners there were at a 10 min mile or slower. The weekend runs have pace groups so you can jump in with whatever pace group you want, and the runs are out and back so you can turn around wherever you want. For more info, go here: and here is the Turtle Thursdays page: --if you want, talk to Angela... she's really awesome, and you can tell her Annette sent you from her blog :) Also they used to always have the (optional) post-run dinner at vegan friendly places like Northstar or Lavash whenever I was along... everyone was super cool about my eating habits without me even asking or trying to be inconvenient.

    I hope this helps!! I love love love Columbus and I miss it a lot, even though Chicago is nice, too. All of my friends are in Cbus :(