Monday, July 5, 2010

made it through this morning's run!

Thanks for the well-wishes, guys.  I took Saturday and Sunday off of running, and iced my foot a bunch.  I also started taking a calcium-magnesium supplement because I read that magnesium can help with tendonitis (if it's even that... but it seems like it is).  Saturday I walked a ton at this 4th of July thing where we parked really far away and my foot hurt more than it ever has... by the time we got back to the car I was a crying mess, both from the pain and because I thought my marathon dreams were over, and because I apparently start to go a little insane with depressive feelings if I miss too many runs.

But I'm trying to be optimistic now.  I ran 3.5 this morning, with some pain, but not excruciating pain like I had from mere *walking* on Saturday.  I'm worried about the 11 miles I'm scheduled for on Saturday, but I will lower that mileage if I have to once I see how the rest of the week's runs go.  Tomorrow I'm supposed to do 5.  The foot pain is weirdly ghostlike... it kind of moves around, sometimes on the top of my foot, sometimes under my ankle bone on the outside, sometimes under the ball of my foot, depending on how my foot falls.  I wore my old shoes (with the old arch supports) this morning because they have a snugger fit than my Pearl Izumis do, and I wanted something snug and supportive.  And I loosened the laces across the top/midfoot to take the pressure off.  It worked out pretty well.

I'm dying to run the Columbus marathon this fall because I'm hoping I will actually have some crowd support, since I have a running group now (well, if I ever get myself going to the runs again) and because Sam will be there and there's a small chance some of my other friends might decide to care that I'm doing a marathon (they usually don't care about my runs, so this is probably overly hopeful of me).  But I'd really like it if I had people cheering for me along the course or even running a couple of the last miles with me in case this turns out to be my worst nightmare.  There's even a chance that one or more people in my pace group might be doing the Columbus marathon so I could even have someone to run with the whole way.

BUT I also realized that I could run the Indianapolis Monumental Marathon instead on Nov 7 if I lose a couple weeks' training that I can't make up.  And if that doesn't work out, I will find a race somewhere warmer in the month of December.  Neither of those are ideal solutions but it does make me feel better to know that if something goes horribly wrong I don't have to wait until next year to fulfill my marathon goals.  This is going to happen this year.  I think Columbus is still achievable though, as long as this week goes ok.

I have some travel coming up that might make things interesting, but I plan to stay on the run schedule as long as my foot can handle it.  I'll be in Chicago in mid-July and there's a chance I might even spend a few days in North Carolina first which could involve (!!!!!!) beach running! My favorite!

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