Monday, July 26, 2010

Prehistoric Feet :o(

I'm hanging out last night havin' some pizza at M's and I had my feet up on the couch by him.  And he looks at my toes and says:

"Your feet are prehistoric.  Like, absolutely prehistoric.  Like literally straight from the f*cking stone ages.  Like someone literally just excavated them out of a cave, straight from the stone ages, and here there are! I mean wtf?  Wtf?"

Great.  Every girl wants to have cute feet or at least doesn't want to be mocked for hideous feet... I know my feet have never been attractive (they're wide) but I don't have overlapping or strange toes or anything else like that... the issue is mostly that running has basically destroyed them.  I have some pretty hardcore end-of-toe callouses, which is what caused the "prehistoric" comment.  The ends of my toes are white and rough, but if I shave the callouses down it hurts to run, so they're functional and I keep them.  And yeah, I'm currently missing 1.5 toenails, but it's not that noticeable.  And yeah, right now I could use a bit of foot maintenance--I usually keep my nails polished in some color or another to distract from the black or missing nails (I paint the spot where the nail should be) and right now I have mostly chipped off polish.  But whatever, I've been busy.

Wish I could wear these feet around as a badge of running honor, but I guess others don't see it that way.

Exhibit A (don't lose your lunch):

... yeah I guess I'll go fix my nail polish now :'(  I like running but sometimes wish I could still keep some semblance of feminine feet.


  1. Obviously, he wasn't a runner and therefore not worth your time or worry.

  2. I see nothing wrong with these little beauts! :)

  3. I recently had my bruised toenails grow all the way out. I was thrilled for sandle season. However, I'm about to begin training for Disney and I'm already preparing myself for more bruises, blisters, and missing toenails! And, your toes look just fine to me! :)
    I just found your blog and I'm so excited about it because I'm vegitarian also and I look foward to following you!!

  4. Hey... in response to your question about the massively sweet pink Brooks trail shoes, I brought them out for a quick run tonight, and they are MUCH heavier! (And hotter, ugh... not a good summer shoe.) After my marathons I started wearing minimalist racing flats, so wearing these felt really clunky & hot... I think it's just going to take a little getting used to though. They really are beauts!

    I did a review of another trail shoe that I think will be released soon if you're interested in trail shoes:

    Trail shoes are fine for trail running and winter running, but seriously... running with some screws in your shoes for traction is just as effective, if not more so. These might be a little different though, just because of the Gore-Tex waterproofness...