Saturday, September 25, 2010

Last long run!

So tomorrow morning is my last big long run!  I'm scheduled for doing another 20 miler, but I'm going to make it 22--I know it won't make much difference, but I want to know, mentally, that I can only have to add 4 miles more to finish the marathon.  6.2 more sounds like a lot--10ks are hard--but 4.2 sounds like something I can do.

I was supposed to do this run this morning, but have had some personal crap going on and spent most of Thursday and Friday being a waste of space and not eating.  I have so much trouble making myself eat food if I'm upset.  Friday I only had 1 sandwich all day, which I nursed for 4 hours before finally finishing it.  When I woke up this morning at 645 to get ready to run, I just felt awful like my body had been punched all over, and my eyes hurt and I had a headache.  So I decided to wait until tomorrow and to try to make myself eat more today.  I still did kind of a halfass job though... I skipped breakfast, and had indian buffet food and some fruit around 3:00, and some juice and rice chips this evening ... not really a good dinner.  I just don't feel like eating.  Blargh.  Hopefully all of the indian that I ate will be enough to get me by.

One of my running buddies, Lisa, is meeting me (unexpectedly! yay!) at 7:15 and we'll do 11 together, then I'm meeting Sam to do the last 11.  So I'll have buddies on this run.  I'm not as scared of it as I was of the last 20, but for some reason 20 was just a big distance hurdle for me.  We'll see how tomorrow goes!

Hard to believe that I've made it this far and training is almost over... just the taper left after this...

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  1. I hope your 22 miler today goes well! I don't know what your schedule looks like this week, but we should get together soon. I'm hoping to make it to Turtle Thursdays this week too!