Friday, September 17, 2010

ug..running fail

I'm really having trouble getting my training in this week.  It's supposed to be a "rest" week, where I was supposed to get in three 5 milers and then 12 tomorrow.  I did a really solid, quality 5 miler on Tuesday, did nothing on Wednesday, did like 1.5 miles and walked home yesterday (I forgot to eat first, it was really humid, raining a ton, felt awful), and now today... I just can't seem to drag my ass out the door.  I had an early morning meeting that kept me from running this morning, and I have evening plans tonight that will get me home well after it's already dark.  So I basically have to get out there and be running in the next 2 hours if I'm going to get this 5 miles in.

And frankly, I just want to sit on the couch.  I don't know why my running motivation is so low this week.  I'm tired, and there's been a lot of work and life stress.  Maybe it's just that.

Thinking about just doing 5 tomorrow and moving the 12 to Sunday.  That still means I should get out there to do 5 today though :\  Really want to skip it....


  1. Thanks for commenting on my blog. Hal and Al's is definitely greasy bar food, but done well!

    We had to choose between Hal and Al's and the Tip Top! Next time we'll hit Tip Top. Do they use seitan for their Philly cheese steak?

    We were in your neighborhood! We tried the nachos at Whole World (what a cool place) and made our first visit ever to Pattycake. That's the start of a love affair, I think. We've done Northstar, but just for breakfast before. I've heard good things about Mad Mex, but that'll have to be another trip, too.

    Please, if you have other suggestions, shoot them my way! We get down there a few times a year and had a habit of hitting the same places. This was our break out habits trip and we could use more!

    Best of luck with your running!

  2. Did you end up getting your 5 miler in today?

    It would have been moot today since I ran 10.5 miles this morning (first double digit run ever!) but if you're ever feeling like you need a running buddy for anything around 10ish miles or under, let me know/give me a ring!

    Try not to worry too much, though. Sometimes skipping a short run isn't a bad thing, especially in the grand scheme of things. It's not like your physical endurance is going to dissipate in a day or two! Being tired and stressed definitely doesn't help, so hopefully some sleep and relaxation this weekend will make it easier.

    Also, how's your chapter coming along?

  3. Thanks Jess! Same goes for you if you ever want a running buddy even on short notice :)

    Chapter's coming slowly again :'( I just want to get it done...