Tuesday, November 23, 2010

New training plan...

Thanks for your comments on my last post!  Yes, I DID get out there and do those icky 1200m repeats I was dreading.  I did all the scheduled speedwork for last week in spite of hating it (yay!)

This is the training schedule I am following as closely as possible for 4 weeks (week 1 was last week):
The current paces, based on my vDot number calculated from the Daniels Running Formula book, are:  E: 11:48, M: 10:15, R: 8:15, I: 8:44.  After doing this schedule for 3 weeks, if I feel good it's time to increase those paces.  

I've already been moving the days around a little--still getting the necessary days in, but moving them-- so I'm not sure how it will go, but we'll see.  And we will see if I feel burned out or not.

I think I'm going to do a special vegan Thanksgiving post!  So look for that on Thursday :D


  1. YES for vegan thanksgiving!!! I found a fun little thing I'll be doing: vegan thanksgiving in an hour! http://www.theppk.com/2010/11/thanksgiving-in-an-hour/

    I'm pretty sure it's going to take a little longer than 60 minutes with the shopping & the prep, but it sure looks tasty and should be fun after a little turkey trot race that morning. :) mmmm carbs!

    Great job getting out there and doing your repeats! Happy Thanksgiving. :)


  2. Vegan thanksgiving! I am getting all sorts of grief from my friends about this, so I need my virtual vegan buddies right now :-(

    I really like the look of your new training schedule too. Jealous... What's the difference between I and R: are intervals longer, and repetitions that 400m bullshit? (Sorry, I don't actually mind 400m repeats, but they do make me want to hurl!)

    Will be really interesting to track your progress anyway -- and if it works well for you then maybe I'll adopt the same plan once I'm back on my feet.

    Happy almost thanksgiving!