Sunday, November 14, 2010


My little (not-so-little-any-more..he's 25, haha) brother is visiting me this weekend!  And he has vibram fivefingers too, even though he's not really a runner... and he came with me for a little 3 miler just now.  Aren't we both super-cool?
Seriously, I meant to do 6 miles today but I'm so happy my brother is here that the runs are getting cut a little bit... I so rarely get to see him because he lives in Connecticut, and I want to spend as much time with him as possible.  Yay!


  1. Yaay for bros with vibrams! I've been thinking about these more and more. Or at least a more minimal shoe. Since I've been seeing a physio I've been reading up more -- and talking to him too -- and it seems I had been wrongly put in a structured shoe. I'm becoming more convinced about this barefoot running lark. At least for some runs. Though of course I've got to get back to any kind of running first...

    Glad you're getting your vibe back anyway. And love your bros shiny shorts btw! :D

  2. Oh, Vibrams!! How I love those shoes - I've sworn to run my next half-marathon in my KSOs.

    (Is that your marathon shirt in the picture? Because that is an awesome marathon shirt.)

  3. @Alison- Thanks :) They're pretty awesome, you should think about getting some eventually! I'm totally on board the minimal running thing lately since the marathon. My feet feel really good in them and it makes me feel like a speedy runner.

    @Leslie - wow, I hope I can eventually do a half in them, too! It's still taking awhile for me to get used to them... 3 miles has been my longest run so far. I'm going slow to see how it goes. And yes, that is my marathon shirt :D I love it.

  4. 3 miles has been my longest in them too. A girl running ahead of me in Richmond on Saturday was wearing them, and I asked her how she'd worked up to a half in them. Her answer was that she'd run in nothing but the Vibrams since January 2010 - she'd thrown out her regular sneakers and forced herself to start with small mileages and work her way up. I dread going that hardcore, but it obviously worked for her!

  5. would you recommend running on the treadmill barefoot to get the general idea of what they will feel like? I'm super curious about these, and came THIS CLOSE to buying them last year.