Thursday, November 25, 2010

Vegan Thanksgiving!

So after a terrible run this morning (headed out for 6 miles, came back after 2... no energy left after doing 400m repeats last night)... I headed over to my friend John's house for a little potluck with just three of us here in Columbus.  John made most of the food; I brought the potatoes and apple pie, and Adam brought the cranberries, pickles, and wine.

Starting with the potatoes and moving counterclockwise:  roasted garlic parsnip/potatoes, homemade seitan roast with cashew gravy, chickpea tart (with spinach and walnuts), bourbon cranberry sauce, homemade garlic dill pickles, and hiding in the back, some raw green bean casserole (which was awesome).  There was also bread with seasoned dipping oil (always my favorite!)

I also made Melissa's raw apple pie (oops, forgot the photos).

I am so... so... stuffed.  I ate like two plates like that one.  Haha.  John did an awesome job with the cooking... and it was nice to have a holiday meal with lots of things to eat, instead of the usual family affair where there's like one vegan thing for me to eat and lots of judgy/aggressive comments.

Yay for holidays with friends and good food!  Hope you all had a good one.


  1. How'd the pie go over? I'm all nervous! Heh.

    I wish I'd had dinner with you! I'm just going to cook some asparagus, reheat some roasted brussels and some butternut/black bean/spinach chili I made a couple days ago. I'm feeling unmotivated to do much else since it's just me. Aaron is with his family. I opted out due to hating Thanksgiving (and I was working)!

  2. Haha, they liked it! I didn't try any yet (eep!) because I ate so damn much food I feel like I'm going to pass out. I'm having some coffee right now and will tackle a piece soon ;)

    I wish you were here, too! It would've been really fun, and we have plenty of food. (Seriously, we need to make a meetup happen... I wish you lived closer.)

  3. Are John and Adam also vegans? In the end I was really well accommodated -- we just set aside a bit of each veg dish and I made it with earth balance instead of butter. I still felt kinda left out though. There's a kind of camaraderie making a turkey dinner I guess. Still, I really enjoyed it. And I'm still to eat some cake!

    Happy thanksgiving :-)

  4. John is vegan and Adam is vegetarian, so it all worked out pretty easily (that's why we three decided to get together). I've done friend-potlucks before where there was a turkey or whatever, and those times I just went nuts with making a lot of vegan things to add to the meal options :) I'm glad you had lots to eat, but I feel bad you felt left out! I guess I'm just so used to eating vegetarian/vegan by now after all of this time that I don't notice that much... when I go home for holidays I sometimes get annoyed with the passive-aggressive comments from my more traditional family members, and I guess I've just come to associate "mainstream" holiday meals with negativity more than positive things. Maybe I've always missed out in that way.

    I saw you just posted about your meal--going to check it out!