Sunday, January 16, 2011

Pace Group Leading, & "Four things"

So I headed out to Dublin (a Columbus suburb) this morning for my first time at being a pace group leader!  It was a ridiculously early morning, and the wind is SO COLD out there in Dublin--there are no buildings or trees to block it, it's just this cement wonderland of a suburb.  I'm supposed to be pacing 10:30 and these two women who already knew each other were going to run with me.  There was a pretty large group running an 11:00 pace and about 4 people running the 10:00 pace.  We started running and these women who were going to run 10:30 were going pretty fast... my watch had us at around 9:15 for the entire first mile.  I don't know if since I'm pacing I'm supposed to point out "oh hey we're going a full minute and 15 seconds too fast" or what--they seemed to be experienced runners and had their own garmins and seemed to know they were running that fast, so I just kept my mouth shut and eventually dropped off the back.  Oddly, I wasn't feeling that tired at that pace... I just didn't feel like doing it (lazy).  So I ended up running with the 10:00 pace group, some really friendly people, and it was a good time. But a very cold run.  And, I only did 5.  I guess if there's no one who wants to run 10:30 I'm off the hook?  Still getting a sense of how this works...

Hopefully the pace group leader thing is going to get a little more comfortable as I get to know more people.
As a fun little non-running aside, I was tagged by Alison over @Physically Philosophical to do this little 4 things meme.  So, here are my answers!

Four TV shows I watch
Hell's Kitchen
Millionaire Matchmaker
Man vs. Wild
Reno 911! reruns

Four things I'm passionate about

environmentalist causes
being the best damn teacher and mentor I can be

Four words/phrases that I use too much

I know right?
for what it's worth..

Four things I've learned from the past

choice is more powerful than circumstance
there's something valuable to learn from even the worst experiences
i can do things i didn't think i would ever be able to do
hindsight is always clearer.

Four things I'm looking forward to

finishing grad school
summer weather!
having an apartment with a dishwasher!
some job security

Four things I love about winter

(this is a tough one cus I flippin' hate winter!)
feeling extra badass on runs while others sit inside or use a dreadmill
eating soup
kitty is more snuggly, and she loves the winter sun through the window (in summer the trees block it).  Happy kitty= happy me.  Here she is lovin' some sunshine:


  1. Oh your cat is CUTE!

    Love that about being a good teacher and mentor. I think it's a really valuable thing for college kids.

    Weird about the pacing eh. Can you talk to the person who asked you to do it, to find out what the unofficial rules are?