Saturday, January 22, 2011

Run recap

Am I glad I got out there in spite of the temps: yes.
Should I stop my bitching and whining now? yes.  sorry guys.  There was a point when I felt like I had something to prove and I'd be out there running even if there was a freaking hurricane, blizzard, -11 degrees, whatever.  Somewhere along the way I just kinda feel like I don't have anything to prove any more (maybe the marathon made me feel badass enough?  I don't know).  So I fully admit that I'm not as badass of a runner as a lot of the runners I run with, because I *will* either wuss out and rearrange my running schedule if it's TOO too cold or else complain about it miserably.  Ha.

I only did 5 instead of the 10ish I should have done, but I could no longer feel my butt and the girl I was running with was doing 5 so... I made excuses.  I might do a longer run tomorrow.

It wasn't snowing or anything but my eyelashes, eyebrows, and hair froze (see above photo).  I probably would've been a walking ice-woman had I done my full 10 miles.  The first 2 miles were rough as I was worried about one of my toes that I couldn't feel, but then I got some circulation goin' and felt pretty solid for the rest of the run.


  1. You. Are. NUTS!

    And I say that as someone who tried walking the 3+ miles home during SNOWMEGGEDON here (when the Dome collapsed). ;)

  2. Bloody hell -- that's -20*C. And that photo! Woman, you are definitely badass! When your face is literally freezing, I think cutting a run is perfectly sensible. Maybe sub the other 5 miles out for some climbing? :)