Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Side planks: an oddity.

I'm supposed to be doing side planks (chiro says it's good for me and my running) so I've been doing them--holding each side until exhaustion.  Well, I wasn't timing it or paying much attention really... just plankin' away and going to my mental happy place to avoid thinking about how hard planks are.  Today he told me to start timing them, so I did.

Get this, I can hold a side plank for a minute and 15 seconds on my right side, and only 27 seconds on my left side.  What the what?

He said 60 seconds would be my goal, and told me that when I reach 60 seconds we'll have to make planks harder.   Wth do I do now, now that I know that I'm this uneven?? Just stop doing planks on the strong side?  I guess I'll have to wait to see what he says.

This is starting to all come together.  I mean, I put 16 more lbs on my right foot vs. the left one... right side I can hold a plank more than double left side... right hip is the one that's effed up and hurty...  right ankle is one that slightly overpronates... maybe if I can balance out these muscles some stuff will get fixed and future problems prevented.

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  1. Most people are stronger on one side than the other, although in your case it sounds pretty exaggerated! If you have an unbalance, then the advice is usually to work to the weak side. In this case though I'd keep up the RHS, but do them more regularly on the left? And really concentrate on increasing that time. I bet you could hold it longer than that if you focused. Really push!