Friday, April 9, 2010

Apple Almond Bok Choy Salad (AABCs?)

As I'm working on incorporating more raw foods, I've been trying to eat raw things that I "normally" would otherwise cook. I love bok choy but never had it raw before, and when I googled for ideas, I turned up this guy, who seems to be one heck of a character (click for video):

After laughing my head off at this guy, I realized that I had none of these ingredients aside from the bok choy, but I liked the idea of running bok choy through the food processor. So I took 3 baby bok choys and some "adult" bok choy and ran it through the food processor with the slicing attachment. Randomly, I also ran an apple through, and then I minced some fresh ginger and threw that in, along with a bunch of lemon juice and some slivered raw almonds. Toss it together and voila:

It doesn't look like much, but this was revolutionary as salads go. I usually hate salads, because I don't really have the patience to eat them, am *tired* of eating them since it's the default option people come up with to feed vegans, and well... they don't leave me feeling very satisfied or full. But I ate a whole mixing bowl of this stuff and it was pretty awesome. I will definitely make this again, and am probably done cooking bok choy for good. Why cook it if it's this amazing and flavorful as it is?

Maybe sometime I'll try that guy's corn and cilantro bok choy thing.

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  1. This salad sounds good I am going to try it too :)