Tuesday, April 27, 2010

This race on Saturday...

....is going to totally own me.

I don't think I've ever been this undertrained for a race before. I mean I've whined about being undertrained for other races, but I at least had decent training mileage and was lazy about speed. This time I've sort of been lazy about both, doing more short runs and fretting over my form instead. Which was probably a horrible idea.

I just did 7 or so to test out the legs---was aiming for 8 but my garmin died and I was worried about time because I have somewhere to be this afternoon, so I just called it quits. To even do 7 I had to mix in a couple walk breaks. It seems I can easily sustain an 11min pace--could run that pace seemingly forever. But if I start running 10 or under, I can't maintain it and get exhausted.

This isn't going to be pretty. After this weekend, the REAL training commences again... no more of this unscheduled sloppy training stuff.

Weather for Saturday is forecasted to be 80 and rainy. I also haven't done a race in the rain before.


  1. You're going to do great on Saturday! Your body has strength you don't know it has--I bet you'll be awesome! :-)