Sunday, April 4, 2010

Product Review

Yeah, yeah... my first post ever is going to be a product review.

But I just can't get enough of these new shorts I got. I want them in all possible colors, and then I want never ever to take them off for the entire summer. I want to wear them for running AND wear them around for other stuff.

The Brooks Epiphany 2 stretch short. I got them in "blackberry," which means they are extra awesome. The photo makes them look like nothing special--and maybe even makes them look a little weird. I wasn't sure about getting them online because it looks like the back is longer than the front, or some weird thing. But that isn't an issue once you put them on. This is the first item of Brooks clothing I've owned besides one of my winter caps, and I'm pretty impressed.

Here is why these shorts are great:
  • "semi-fitted" instead of the weird puffy-butt effect that most shorts give they actually look cute while you wear them (and when does that *ever* happen with running shorts?!)

  • super-light material

  • split sides so they don't ride up, but the splits are done in a way that they are "shut" and your legs are covered unless you are in the process of running. And when you are running, they aren't weirdly split to the point that you feel like you need to keep making sure your butt isn't showing.

  • they are the perfect (short) length, and you can wear them at two lengths: with or without the waistband rolled down

  • when you roll the waistband down, it STAYS that way, unlike with Saucony's shorts that are made to roll down

  • nice wide waistband... so you can run in just a sports bra and not have a hideous shorts-induced muffintop

  • no chafing from lining. Key pocket that stays in place thanks to the lining.

Have I convinced you yet? has the blackberry and wasabi colors for only $25 with free shipping/returns (even cheaper if you google for a discount code).


  1. I just bought some of those shorts! I've been looking for a new short for awhile, and I feel comfortable buying these now that they're peer-reviewed! I was already at Runner's Warehouse getting a Nike chip for my shoe and some other things. Can't wait to try the shorts!

  2. Oh, awesome! I just saw your comment now (I'm not very suave at this blogger use thing yet.. heh). These shorts rock...I hope you like them as much as I do :)