Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Race reports + Winter nostalgia

I dug up 3 race reports from my private blog and posted them (backdated appropriately) here. You can find them under the "race reports" tag if you're interested. Unfortunately I seem to have no race report from the Columbus half marathon... I think I was so demoralized after running it while I had the flu that I didn't care to write anything up :\

While I was looking for them I also came across this. Can you believe that only 2 months ago this was how I had to dress for a run?? Yay screw shoes. Boo winter. (As a sidenote, those Sugoi Subzero tights were the greatest thing to ever happen to me... I didn't have to add a layer over them a single time throughout this whole Ohio winter. They're fleecy inside.)

This getup was just too ridiculous for words.

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