Sunday, October 10, 2010

Inspirational things to write on my arms

I need some arm-graffiti to keep me moving forward through those last 6 miles.... suggestions?  My ideas so far:

  • "shut up, legs!" - a famous quote said often by jens voigt, one of my favorite cyclists (it's what he tells himself when the going gets tough)
  • maybe something about lance armstrong saying a marathon was "without a doubt the hardest physical thing I've ever done" --if it's hard for even lance, it's ok and normal for me to struggle..  Maybe I will just write "Remember Lance"
  • "Oprah did it"
  • "when the mind is backed by will, miracles happen" --this was the quote on my teabag tag on friday morning, and it seems so appropriate for all facets of my life right now... it really was/is a sign.
  • "run with courage" --I like this for some reason.  running has been one long struggle of having guts for me. it took guts for me to get started, and it still takes guts every time I put my foot out the door.
  • "live the life you imagine" --cheesy, but I like it because I never thought I could do a marathon... and I'll be doing something that was only in my wildest dreams before.  wow, when did i become so cheesy?  it almost brings a tear to my eye even now..
Okay, so I only have so much real-estate on my little T-rex arms and hands, but I love you blog-followers and all of the support you've offered me on my training journey.  If you have suggestions of a little word or phrase I could carry with me, maybe something that was/is/has been meaningful to you on your journey, I will proudly graffiti my body, take photos as evidence, and think of you as I trudge onward in those last 6 miles.  You've been a part of the training... I'd love to have you be a part of my race too :o)


  1. I wrote "just this once" on my arm. Also "you're in charge of this race". Not just your body, but your mind is going to make it tough for you at some point. But you're in charge of those things. That idea really helped me too.

    I also like "run with courage" though. I understand what it's like to doubt yourself. And to kinda feel like you don't belong. But turning up that this race definitely takes guts. Remind yourself you've got 'em.

    Thanks also for the really thoughtful comment on veganism. That's a whole load of stuff I had no idea about! I did know that vegans generally don't use any kind of animal products, though I had no idea about the definition. I definitely am only eating vegan right now -- I am way off making any further commitment right now.

    There will always be people who we can hold ourselves up against that make us feel inadequate -- faster runners, stricter vegans, more productive PhD students(!). The trick is to not compare ourselves so much I guess. I don't know how to do that. It's a natural human instinct to look at others -- both for reassurance, and for motivation. It's when motivation to improve becomes reason to criticism ourselves that the whole thing gets messy..

    Ok, less of the psycho-babble! I've only been awake for 45 minutes, it's way too early for this!

    ps - am with in the IM thing too. Freakin' awesome. Just don't fall into the trap of thinking that a marathon ain't tough in its own right! ;)

  2. And if you needed proof that I've only just got up, count the typos!

  3. I posted about this earlier this summer:

    My motivational phrase is to "dig deep" and I had a little reminder to myself to "enjoy" since I didn't want to think poorly of my first race. :) Also, I thought about so many people who fight through larger battles on a daily basis -- and people that will never, ever have the opportunity to run a marathon at all. I thought about the idea that I "just" had to run a deliberate 26.2 miles when so many people unintentionally have to deal with much, much worse. It gives me no reason to complain about signing myself up for torture, especially when it was self-induced.

    So, on my latest blog post you say you might be moving?! Where too!? The flat Midwest has DEFINITELY spoiled me! The things I thought were hills in MN are ant hills in CA. :)


  4. I've got a headband that says "suck it up, cupcake" that I'm planning to wear at my race. ;) I like the tough love.

    I'm also slower than the fast guys (but faster than the plodders!) with my half PR at 2:07 only. I'm planning on running nearly 12 min/miles for the first 20 at least. The thing I say in my head (which is soooo geeky) is that I'm a wolf, not a cheetah. I talk to myself about being steady, strong and having my lope eat up miles for miles. "I'm not fast but I endure. I go on and on and I won't stop" is another mantra I like.