Saturday, October 9, 2010

Ironman 2010

I've had the Ironman World Championships on all day at  The elites just started the marathon leg of the race a little bit ago.  Frayed Laces is out there doing this crazy thing too, so I've been following her a bit.  Her blog was the first "athlete" blog I ever read, and was why I wanted to start my own blog after awhile... and everything she's done is amazing and inspirational.  And, she's in grad school, like me. She's due to finish somewhere between 11pm and 12 am eastern time.

I've never watched this much race coverage.  I've had it on since the cannon at the start of the swim.  The swim took just under an hour-ish, the bike leg was about 5 hours, and now like I said the run is starting.  These people are so so so badass.  It's unbelievable.

Most heartbreaking moment:  I watched the last swimmer miss the cutoff by 24 seconds.  She was 51 years old, and she did the whole swim, finishing strong to the cheers of thousands... then she came out of the water and was intercepted by a guy who had to break the news that she missed by 24 seconds.  She crumpled to the ground sobbing.  Watching that made *me* cry.  Album: We love you Sharon Colgin, Almost the Last Swim Finisher.

Biggest news:  Chrissie Wellington didn't start, citing flu symptoms.

One of the elite women is a first-timer who's never run a marathon before.  Her longest run ever was 21 miles, and she just got off her bike and is getting started.  I'm cheering her on.

I assume after we're done following these elites through the course they just aim the camera at the finish and we watch all of the age-groupers come in, but I'm not sure.  I have some things I need to get done today and I just want to watch these amazing people.  These runners are all so strong with really efficient form.

I want to do this so so bad, you have no idea.
I wish my marathon was going to be a thing of epic beauty like this.  I can't believe how strong these elites are running after swimming and biking.  I wonder how much I'd actually have to run before being able to run a marathon fast and without falling to bits around mile 18.  I suppose that kind of thing takes years to improve, eh?

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