Saturday, October 16, 2010

pre-race and the expo

Things I learned at the race expo today:

  • I only weigh 122 lbs!  This means that somehow in marathon training I lost 15-18lbs.  When I started my weight was around 140-142, before my scale broke.  How is it possible that I lost THAT MUCH WEIGHT and didn't really notice much?  I thought I looked fitter, but not 15-18 lbs thinner...geez.  I haven't weighed that little since high's very strange for me, and a number I thought I would never see again (and was ok with that).  So now I'm left wondering if it was the increased mileage or the increased food intake (remember when I started eating huge amounts of calories?)  or if it was something else.  I mean, I'm happy about this but also...baffled.  And also even more terrified that I'm just going to get really chubby after this race is over.
  • I distribute 16 more lbs of weight on my right foot than on my left foot, and the right side of my pelvis is somewhat higher than the left, which I guess is like...really bad.  16 lbs is 13% of my body weight, so I'm really stickin' it to my poor right leg.  I found this out at a chiropractic booth thingy that Sam was interested in.  The guy does free consultations and said he thinks I might have some muscle weakness around the lower back that could be corrected to fix it or something, which might help with my running form.  And he was a pretty cool guy who likes to treat athletes and who is a runner himself.  I might go for a free consultation just for kicks.  He said it's very likely my insurance would cover nearly everything if I wanted to pursue any treatment.  I don't know though.
  • I got (*cough* impulse bought) a Power Balance at a random booth. Call me a sucker.  Maybe I am.  But we will see if it works.  What can I say... it appealed to my inner hippie and the demo they did was pretty crazy.  Also I just think it's a neat. More on this later.
  • I got a long sleeved tech shirt from an old race for $3.  And a second shirt from Cap City half that I did in May, just it's a small so it's a little snug. (also for $3).
  • Lots of possible races for winter and spring... pretty psyched
  • I have figured out my pacing strategy:  I'm aiming for a 4:43 finish which averages to a 10:50 pace/mile.
    • I'll run the first 6 miles at 11:20, 11:15, 11:10, 11:05, 11:00, and 10:55 respectively.  
    • miles 7-18 will be at a 10:40-10:45 pace if I can maintain it with my heartrate at the usual level for a long run (under 180ish)
    • miles 18-26 will be whatever I gotta do to get to the finish, hopefully will have some energy in the bank from doing early miles slower


  1. Good race plan. I'm nervous and excited for you at the same time!

  2. Wowza, that's a lot to weight to lose so quickly .... be careful, little vegan friend! Sounds like there were lots of cool things at the expo!