Saturday, June 26, 2010

Breakfast Eats

As I'm training this summer, I'm really going to make an effort to make sure my breakfast is awesome.  That means, you know, actually eating breakfast.... and a breakfast that doesn't consist of last night's leftovers or processed bread products like bagels or whatever.  I've noticed that I actually do feel a lot better when I eat a decent breakfast, so I guess I should (brace yourself for bad pun) *run* with it.

For breakfasts I'll be choosing among the following:
1) Smoothies (usually with greens in them).  This has worked out well for me for awhile now, as long as I have enough produce and frozen fruit on hand.
2) Smoothies-in-a-bowl (idea stolen from Organically Me) if I add kale to a smoothie and it's chewy and gross like I've noticed before, it will be less noticeable when it's in a bowl with other chewy things.
3) Oatmeal (overnight or otherwise--the reason I stopped making and eating oatmeal every morning was because I was sick of washing saucepans with scalded oatmeal on the bottom, but overnight soaking seems to be an alternative to cooking)
4) Soy yogurt with yummy things added to it
5) Sprouted things in a bowl with other things (haha, wow, that's nice and specific eh?  I'm thinking of sprouting buckwheat groats, quinoa, and sunflower seeds, like a kind of granola, and adding chopped fruit and almond milk--or just adding the sprouts to soy yogurt or smoothie-in-a-bowl)
6) Raw Green Juices (going to buy that juicer soon!  My garden is growing...)

Things I'm hoping to eat in these various breakfasts:
  • chia seeds (I think I'm going to buy some and try them.  I've been slightly afraid after trying hemp products resulted in me being so incredibly sick)
  • matcha tea
  • sprouts
  • more berries/cherries
I also want to try making homemade Luna Bars for quick on-the-go situations or afternoon snacks.
And I want to try keeping a jar of recovery drink around for post-run.  That stuff I was making from Brendan Brazier's The Thrive Diet last summer wasn't that bad... but it wasn't that good either.  But I might start making it again.

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  1. I wish I were as motivated as you are... :) I always eat a processed bread before races, but as for everyday brekkies, I usually eat a ton of fruit. I mean, really ... like a banana and an orange and sometimes an apple?!? Thinking I should try some of these smoothes.... :)