Saturday, June 5, 2010

Food for an average day

In the spirit of trying to pay more attention to what I eat as I gear up for marathon training, I might start making lists of what I've eaten day to day (not every day... I'm far too lazy for that!)  But I've realized that I pretty much graze on whatever's around haphazardly, with the subconscious intention of making sure I eat some leafy greens and protein.  I don't really eat UNhealthy things much, but I want to make sure I'm eating enough variety.  I have a tendency to just eat one thing all day sometimes if I have leftovers around.

Hashbrowns (3 potatoes' worth, with hot sauce...probably a bit excessive and carb-y but so good)
2 glasses of 1/2 strength organic lemonade
2 leftover enchiladas (cannellini beans/black beans/spinach/cheesy sauce made from nutritional yeast)
fresh cherries (lots)
5 red radishes
8oz tofu scramble with lots of wilted spinach, tomato, cilantro, tamari
1/2 bunch of kale (as raw chips in cashew cheese)
1 apple

2c. coffee

Today was pretty satisfactory except for the sugar in the lemonade and hey, you gotta live a little.  A cooking-heavy day though; only my snacks were raw.  And I missed my smoothie today in favor of lemonade.

Don't worry, I won't overload the running blog with food posts :o)

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