Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I swear I'll shut up about Vibrams soon...

A couple of interesting posts on Vibrams (with videos):

This is generally a really cool blog, too, it seems.

I'm sore as all hell after that run tonight.  I must've still been on a runners high when I made my last post or something.  Going to have to take a day or two off from the Vibrams I think.  :o)

Also tonight on my run I passed a guy wearing something really unusual... internet research reveals it was these:  Wow...crazy eh?  They looked horribly uncomfortable the way he was striding along, but this is one variation on the barefooting thing that I hadn't heard of or seen before.


  1. I love hearing about your VFF's! No need to stop bloggin' about them, in my opinion. :-) I've been eyeing a trail race that includes a stretch through a river, and I've been thinking that VFF's might be ideal for that. I'm interested in hearing about your transition to running in them because I think I may invest soon.

  2. OMG You are so incredibly sweet! If I am ever in or near Columbus, you better believe I'll get in touch with you, :) That would RULE! One of my friends has family out in Xenia (is that close to Columbus??) so he sometimes goes there on weekends... maybe someday he'll let me tag along. :) I do love eating and I love the idea of a vegan food tour! MMMM! A run followed by a day of vegan goodness?! HEAVEN!

    And if you're ever in Minneapolis you better friggin' let me know!

  3. Total sidenote... have you read Born to Run? Caballo Blanco wears hand-made huaraches (from tires and leather bites), and I believe he even custom makes them for people now if you send him your foot measurements?! So crazy... that seems even more uncomfortable than VFFs. I imagine they would rub away the skin in between my first and second toe. Yowch.