Saturday, June 19, 2010

Vibrams, Day 2

Some definite foot and lower-leg soreness.  I can feel all of these muscles inside my feet, mostly in the balls of my feet, and my toes.  It's very strange.

Today I wore them to walk around-- for a LOT of walking.  I was hoping it would loosen up the soreness, but I think I kind of got more sore.  The weird thing is, it's not like you can just be like "oh these shoes hurt, I'm taking them off and now I feel awesome."  ...because walking around barefoot hurts the same freaking muscles!  Ahhh!

Tomorrow after my shoe-d run I'll probably take them out for a short spin again.


  1. Keep us posted on your Vibrams! I saw SO many people running Grandma's marathon in them ... an unusual amount. A lot weren't even forefoot running ... they were still smacking their whole feet on the pavement! I can't imagine that would be comfortable after a few miles...

    In regards to the comment you left about doing 2 marys in 2 weeks ("I can't believe you had the guts to sign up for both at the same time, before you even knew how the first one would go!!") I thought the EXACT same thing halfway through marathon #1 when I hit the wall. Man, I really wish I had a few under my belt before I decided to do something that stupid. :P I had NO idea what I was getting into when I did the full. It's nothing like training at all, but I have full confidence that you'll totally complete one. :)

  2. It HURTS to slap your feet on the ground while wearing those! Ack. Pretty impressive they're barefooting a whole marathon though... maybe someday...

    So confession time, as soon as I read your post I went immediately to see if the Indianapolis Monumental Marathon was within 16 days of the Columbus one I'm running. Hahaha. It's not, though. :o) Looking fw to your race report on this one, to see what you did differently and how it worked.

    Sending well-wishes to that poor little toe of yours. Hope it's still attached ;)