Wednesday, June 9, 2010

There will be some posts coming up:
*the rest of my 10k report
*training plans (again)
*photos I take while running around Louisville

The past couple of days have been just crazy with trying to get my work done before going out of town for this job.  I can't wait to have my life back!  While in Louisville I'll be working basically 8-5, but I'm really looking forward to some reprieve from the usual daily grind (this means having my evenings FREE and TO MYSELF, GUILT FREE... a whole week away from dissertations and stress and all that.  Even if I'm braindead from the 8-5 workdays, these evenings will be very valuable.  Woo!)  I have plans to run around University of Louisville, and anywhere else that looks cool (and safe).  I haven't been to Louisville before really except for 2 very short visits: one for a conference, and one for a concert....and I didn't see much of the city in either case.

Meanwhile, I am losing a toenail and it is in that very disturbing phase where it's lifted up and you can see underneath it.  As usual at this point it doesn't particularly hurt, but it kind of makes me cringe thinking about the fact that I can completely see underneath a toenail.  Ack.

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  1. Welcome to the club! I'm losing a toenail, too! I've never lost one before and it also isn't gross yet, but it's a little purple and it's stating to lift up in one corner. The rest of the toenail looks fine though, so I feel like it'l be a loooooong time before it actually comes up. :) I feel like a real runner finally. :P Can't wait to read your report!