Sunday, June 27, 2010

Finished week 2!

Week 2 of marathon training COMPLETE!  I made two changes to the Higdon plan:
*I did my long run today (Sunday) not Saturday.  This broke up the back to back runs that were supposed to happen Friday/Saturday.  But I still only had 1 day of "rest" between runs so I'm hoping it was ok for this week.
*I did 8 miles tonight instead of 9.  But I hadn't done a run over 6 miles since about June 1 or so, so I'm figuring it's cool if I cut it a little short just this week --especially since last week was low mileage and this week I sprung right into running 25 miles total.

Tonight's run was really hot and pretty tough.  I ran the first 3 miles too fast, and the last 1.5 pretty fast, and then I completely sagged in the middle.  My feet are feeling kind of achy and I almost had that knee ache that I get when it's time to retire the shoes.  But I hope hope hope these shoes aren't done just yet and that the aches and pains are just from not doing a long run in awhile and also adjusting to vibrams for part of the week.  My calves were tight tight tight from the vibrams still, and I haven't run in them in several days.

The day after a long run is supposed to be a cross train day but since I did the run on a Sunday, I'm scheduled for 3 tomorrow.  Not sure yet if I'll do it or move things around this week, too.

My poor tired feet.
But yay! week 2 completed!

When I got up to get ready for my run, this was snuggled up against my front door:
What an odd place to sleep.  When I found her, her head was tucked under in that funny upside-down way that cats always manage... and she seemed startled, so I think she thought I wasn't home.  I know sometimes when I come in she seems to be behind the door or gets nudged out of the way by the door, so I wonder if she often sleeps on my doormat like this while I'm not home, waiting for me to get back.  Aw shucks, how cute.  I love this little one.


  1. I also switched around my weekend runs (did long runs Saturday morning with a training group rather than Sunday as scheduled) and it worked fine for me! It's all about finding what'll work for you & your schedule in a way where you won't fizzle out.

    Awww, your cat is precious! My cat finds the weirdest places to sleep too. :) I'm excited to see we're also cat ladies to boot. :)

  2. Yes! Your kitty was black and white right? I think I remember him from your pre-marathon post. Cute little guy... so dignified!