Thursday, May 13, 2010

aches & pains...blah

I've been increasing my training since the race now--I'd gone a couple weeks with JUST a long run and no smaller runs during the week (ridiculous I know--one week was race week, so I ascribed my laziness to "tapering," and last week I was swamped with work and wasn't sleeping enough to have any energy).  I'm getting 3 runs in this week, and hopefully will be back onto a 4 runs a week schedule for next week.

I am paranoid as hell about training for this full, so every little ache and pain I notice I'm like "OMG, I'm injured!  I won't be able to run all summer!"  This is what happens when you read too many articles about marathons being hard on your body.  I am having some legitimate aches and pains though, but I'm hoping they'll diminish as I get back on my regular running schedule.

Saturday it was my knee.  After the 9 miles I did, the outside of my knee hurt so freaking bad I could hardly walk on it.  Sources say this is probably an IT band thing.  I tried doing some stretches and looked at foam rollers online but didn't buy one.  Then, my ankle has been bothering me, too.  When I'm running I can feel it pronating... like I literally feel my ankle roll inward.  I know I always overpronate with my right ankle but I've never been able to feel it move--it's almost like I land correctly and then as I shift my weight my ankle rolls inward.  Then the inside of my ankle hurts, as does the arch of my foot.  I have my old superfeet inserts that I had given up as useless and I might try them today again to see if they help at all.  I'm wearing a light stability shoe and they are not that old (maybe 2 months, and I haven't even been training normally the whole time.)  Part of it may be too that I've lost fitness to the point where I've lost control of form somewhat... but cmon, I just did a half marathon and was fine, am I really THAT unfit?  I don't know what's going on.

I just feel like if I knew how to run with correct form, if someone could help me make that happen, I wouldn't have to worry so much about injury.  I have books on form, and have watched videos on form, but it's so hard to tell what you're doing when you can't see your own feet/legs.  If I knew I was running correctly I probably wouldn't be so paranoid constantly that I'm hurting myself.

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