Monday, May 31, 2010

The search for the perfect running tank continues...

So, there's something about women's running apparel that I just don't understand.

Why is it that EVERY SINGLE running tank with a built in bra--no joke, we're literally talking like EVERY one--says it's supportive enough for an A/B cup while everyone else will have to wear a bra under it?  Why is it so hard to make a running tank with an actual supportive bra in it--one that's high impact for at least a C cup?  Why isn't there a single manufacturer doing this?  I've scoured the entire internet, I swear.  There must be other women runners who want this besides me.  (Or is every "real" runner except for me such a toothpick that they have no boobs?)

My thing is that I don't *want* to layer up.  If it's summer, why on earth would I want to have what amounts to three layers on top (my regular sports bra, a bra inside a tank top, and the tank top itself) when I could have two (regular sports bra, and the tank top)?  I want as few layers as possible.  I already balk at even wearing a tank top in the heat.  I'd rather just run in a sports bra with no tank, and often do when I'm running alone, but I'm too shy to do that at social runs or with people who know me since I don't exactly have six-pack abs.  So I need a tank I can wear for those occasions... and I don't want it to have a useless nonfunctional built-in bra that makes me even more sweaty.

But ok, if manufacturers won't make a bra tank for me, I can deal with that.  But at least make some good tanks without any bra in them!!  Braless tanks are usually singlets.  The problem here is that most singlets are cut like a t-shirt with no sleeves:  they have a lot of material.  Your back is usually fully covered (they aren't racerback) and they have a small neckhole (not a big scoopneck like a tank would).  Case in point, the one I currently have:

And this sucks because it is summer and I want AS LITTLE MATERIAL ON ME AS POSSIBLE.  And I like tanks because I don't get weird tan lines (oh, vanity).  I found one singlet that's cut like a normal tank:  the Asics Emma:
Buut... I've decided to return it because the material is extremely scratchy and the seams aren't flatlocked, and the last thing I need is an increased chance of chafing.

Add in the fact that I also want it to have no cotton in it, and I'm pretty much looking for something that doesn't exist.  And I really need another tank or two at this point... I hardly have running tops right now aside from race shirts and the one singlet above.  Why does this have to be so hard?  Either I have to get less picky or manufacturers have to figure out the simple fact that they should either make a tank with a C-cup bra or make a tank with no bra at all.  Grah.


  1. If you find one, pls share with me. I am usually wearing two bras - the only bras I've found that I can wear alone when running are Under Armour Endure D Cup bras - that said I know you're looking for tank tops so if I find something I will be sure to share with you!

  2. Haha, that's the same bra I wear except I wear the Endure C. I have one from CW-X too, but it's not *quite* as good as the Champion one.

  3. This one looks pretty good: The reviews are mixed, but maybe it's worth a shot? I saw a couple of tops like these when I was looking for a new one. I don't know much about these things, though--I have the opposite problem! I fill an A cup on a good day.