Friday, May 7, 2010

A new training group!

Guys--I'm so excited! I found this running club in the area--well, it's based in a suburb-ish area, but its only about 9 miles from me. It's free to join, and they do long runs on Saturday morning on a course that has water already set up, and you can run with a pace group, and there will runners there in a nice slow pace group so I can do my runs at low effort.

AND... they're going to start a social run called "Turtle Tuesdays" right in my neighborhood, right on the trail that I always run, followed by food at one of my fave local veg-friendly restaurants, Northstar. The person who's arranging it is vegetarian, too :o)

This has the potential to be very awesome. I hope hope hope everyone is cool and I have a new option for spicing up the running life, because it's been getting a bit boring and I've been being pretty lazy and unmotivated... and I want to be in my best possible shape for the race this fall!

Dig my new "badge" on the right for being a Cbus Pacers member. hehe. Also, here is a photo from the race on Saturday at the finish... totally, completely soaked.

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