Friday, May 14, 2010

Group runs = awesome.

So the club run I mentioned a couple posts ago was amazing.  I did 9ish miles on Saturday morning and it didn't even feel like 9 because we were talking the whole time.  There were probably like 7 women there in the pace group I joined.  The director guy mapped out an out and back course for us with chalk on the sidewalks so you could just turn around whenever you wanted and follow the arrows back.  People in the group were doing 22 miles, 17 miles, 9-10 miles, and 5-6 miles, so there was a pretty good range.

Then tuesday night was a new social run for "slow" people called Turtle Tuesdays, and it was right in my neighborhood on the trail I usually run.  We did 4 miles at about a 10:45 pace and then got food afterward at a vegetarian restaurant.

And last night was probably the best run; I just met up with a girl who was my pace at the Saturday run.  She lives really close to me and was doing 10, so she did 4 and then met me and we did 6 together.  It was super super humid and hot, and I don't know if i would've been able to complete the run without the added incentive of having someone there.  It was a lot of fun to have someone new to talk to the whole time.  She has a full soon in a few weeks, but is planning to train for something this fall too so I'm hoping that we'll keep getting along and that we can keep being running buddies.  It was a good run.

I think having people to run with is going to be really important to me achieving this marathon goal, because of how I've been losing running enthusiasm all spring.  This has kind of made me excited about running again.  Running with people makes a huge difference mentally.

The people have all been cool so far... still hard to tell if we have much in common beyond running, but hey, running is the important thing if you're looking for RUNNING buddies.  :o)

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