Saturday, May 15, 2010

Awesome morning run!

Totally rocked it today on the run!  I headed out to do 10 at 7:30am, and felt so good I ended up doing 11!  Check it outttt....
(Also, apparently I'm moving at a 27:35 pace while standing perfectly still in my apartment.  Whee!)

I didn't go to the group run today because nearly everyone in my pace group--at least, all of the ones I met last week--had races or other obligations so wouldn't be there.  So the plan was to do 2.5 miles and then meet a girl from the running club at the local park, where we would do 5 together, and then I would do 2.5 on the way back.  Unfortunately for me I can't do even the simplest math so I totally screwed up the first part.  The park is 1.25 from my house so I knew I would have to go south on the trail a bit to add a little over a mile, if I wanted to get to 2.5 before arriving at the park.  So, I ran 0.25 from my apartment to the trail, and then thought if I ran south on the trail until my watch said 1 mile, I could then turn and get to the park in 2.5.  Apparently that's totally wrong because I realized as I passed my original trail entry point that I was already coming up on 2 miles and I still had the whole 1.25 to the park to go!  I totally booked it because I was now going to be late and knew someone was waiting on me--worse yet, someone who doesn't know me very well yet!  It looks like I did a mile at about a 9:00-9:30 pace, and I got to the park when my watch said 3 miles even.

So much for planning.

We did our 5 (just over 5 really) and it was great having someone to talk to and right in the middle of the run, to break up the boredom.  I feel like I hardly noticed those 5 miles.  Then I got back to my place and felt good enough to go ahead for 11 miles, so I did.  I had to dig pretty deep for the last half of that extra mile, but it was worth it.

Also I love my nuun sports drink and how yummy it tastes compared to the juice/water/salt combo I took all summer last year.  This stuff is supposed to be natural as in no weird chemical ingredients, but I am still going to have to figure out what a couple of the ingredients on the label are :\  At any rate, it has no fructose and no artificial colors.  When I have it with me I usually don't end up using shot blocks, which may or may not be good... but if I don't feel like I need them, I guess I don't need them.  The nuun gets tastier and tastier as I get more and more thirsty.  I have Orange Ginger flavor now but might branch out with my next bottle of dissolving tabs.

ALSO, nuun doesn't turn moldy inside your bottles if you get back from your run and throw off the belt and forget about it for 3 days.  (Unlike juice.  Ew.)

Anyway I love love love running at 730 nice and early on a Saturday when it's just sunny and cool and awesome out.  Nothing beats the feeling of getting back before 10:00 and already having 11 miles done.    I'm gonna love my Saturdays this summer.

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