Friday, May 14, 2010

Help me get new name ideas!

I might need a new blog name... apparently there's already a guy who goes by no meat athlete over at, and he has a pretty strong internet presence.  I don't want to be a copycat even though I didn't know he existed when I created this blog :o(  Any ideas for a new name?  Pleeese help... I think in blogger you can just change your name and all of your content transfers.

I hate to be shifting around when I just got settled and am building a cozy blog situation for myself, though.  Blah.  Naming is hard.

My friend suggested "CouchSprout" since I started on a couch to 5k and have "sprouted" into a "real" runner, and since I eat sprouts, buuut... I'm afraid it's not runner-y enough if I want readers who are interested in running to find me.  I don't know though.


  1. Hey, I noticed your blog a few weeks ago. Always glad to see new people spreading the message that you can run far without meat!

    I'm glad to see you're planning to change the name. I didn't want to seem like a jerk asking you to do it.

    As for names, I think you should pick something that makes it clear that you're a vegan runner! There are so many health and running blogs out there, but there aren't too many of us who are vegetarian runners. And even fewer who are vegans, like you. Your name should reflect that; it'll help identify you as part of the small niche! So while something like CouchSprout is fun, I don't think it communicates what you're about as well as something else might.

  2. Hi Matt! I'm so sorry to have stepped on your toes with the name. I swear I didn't see your blog when I was picking names... actually, I just found out about you when I saw a post on Robin Robertson's Vegan Planet blog.

    Anyway I promise I'll get this changed as soon as I can... apologies again! And, happy running (and eating!)