Sunday, May 23, 2010

Things happening to my feet, vol. 2

I did a 13.5 mile run yesterday (my longest training run to date!)  I headed out with the running club and only one other person wanted to do more than 8 miles, and she was doing 20.  I thought I'd be good for 12-13 since I did 11 and felt so good last weekend, but man, was it ever humid.  The humidity was awful.  And if there's one thing I know about myself from past summers, it's that I just cannot run well in humidity.  Last summer I was running really late or really early to try to avoid it.  This Saturday's run started at 8 and it still got unbearably humid.  That kind of humidity where it literally feels like you're not getting oxygen, and sweat just sits on your skin.  Bleh.

I've been getting this blister in the weirdest spot, on the side of my big toe, as if my next toe is rubbing it or something.  It's odd because all of the other blister issues I've had have largely been feet-rubbing-parts-of-shoe issues, and I guess one other toe-rubbing-toe thing that was fixed when I got new shoes before a couple summers ago.  But I've been noticing that I have been getting some rubbing in this weird big toe spot, and instead of bandaging it (figured a bandage would drive me nuts around my big toe the whole run) I put some of this sample of Asics Anti-Chafe cream on it.  It felt slippery for about 10 minutes and then it was doing no good at all.  Don't buy that stuff, seriously.  Maybe you need the "endurance" kind rather than the "original", but the "original" sample said you could use it to prevent blisters on toes and it was supremely worthless.  (And, haha, while googling for the site I found that they have gotten at least one other very unfavorable review...)

But anyway, this was seriously the biggest blister I've ever seen.  I took off my shoe and it was like my toe grew a second toe.  I knew it hurt during the run, but holy crap.  I have photos but they are entirely too disgusting to post, trust me.  Next time I guess I will wear my toe socks that I don't like that much to see if it helps.

Buuuut... yay!  I ran 13.5 miles on a training run!  And it felt like a death march for the last 6 miles in the humidity with my toe and everything else.  So glad I finished.

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